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          We Design, Engineer & Manufacture

          Military, Commercial, Industrial Electronic & Electrical Wire & Cable

          Mil Spec Products
          Mil Spec Products Instrumentation Control Cable, Multiple Pair Control Cable, Tinned Copper Flexible Braid.. More >
          Commercial Products
          Commercial Products Alarm & Security Cables, Audio & Security Cables, Audio & Data Cable, Fire Alarm Cable, Air Plenum... More >
          Heat Shrinkable Products
          Heat Shrinkable Products Military Heavy Wall Tubing, Commercial Heavy Wall Tubing, Commercial Medium Wall Tubing... More >
          Fiber Optic Products
          Fiber Optic Products Simplex & Duplex Cables, Distribution Cables, Breakout Cables, Loose Tube Cables... More >
          Insulation Types & Conductor Types
          Insulation Types & Conductor Types Alcryn, Cellular Polyethylene, CLPE, Copolene, EPDM, EPR, FEP, FHPE, FRPE, Glass Braids... More >
          Special Services
          Special Services Bar Coding, Cabling, Planetary or Twisting, Custom Cable Design, Prototyping, Fabrication, Cut and Strip... More >
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